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Our Services - we deal with your car battery problems.we change car battery at your location.Call -Toll free : 8007576 / Mob : 056 1158598

Our Services - we deal with your car battery problems.we change car battery at your location.Call -Toll free : 8007576 / Mob : 056 1158598
Battery Repacement & Installation
Fix-a-battery offer customers a convenient fitting service,we will come to a location of your choice at a time convenient to you.A proper functioning battery is necessary for the operation of your vehicle and when it fails.Fix-A-Battery offers FREE battery testing for your car, MUV or SUV with a scheduled appointment. If your battery requires service or replacement,our technicians will do it for you.
Battery Testing
Our technicians are fully equipped to carry out roadside battery diagnostic checks to get to the root of you problem.Our experts will connect the tester to the cars’s battery or remote jump start points and enter the battery details – type and specification – into the tester.The battery tester will display and print the results of the test.
24 Hour Battery assistance , Support and replacement service.
Home Start Service
Mobile Battery Service

Car Starting Problem ? Need Car Battery Change? Give us a Call on Toll Free: 800 7576 / Mob: 056 1158598

Car Starting trouble ? Need Battery Replacement ? give us a call on Toll Free 800 7576 / Mob: 056 1158598.....need battery replacement ? Car Starting Problem ? Car Breakdown on the way ? call 24 hr emergency 800 7576 / 056 1158598 Fix-a-battery.
Fix-a-battery technicians will come to you anytime to replace your battery. We can replace your battery on the spot – no need to make an appointment, and no need to call to a dealer. Our comprehensive range includes batteries for most makes and models, including many of the harder-to-find European and North American models.
All our installations come with a warranty for your peace of mind.The best is we are totally mobile and come to you with the proper battery. Once fitted, we perform a complete battery and charging system test. And when that’s done, you’re on your way
Fix-a-battery carries the largest range of diffrent brand Batteries,We save our customers from the hassle of having the vehicles towed or taken to battery shop, as battery replacements and vehicle diagnostics are carried out on sign.
When we attend a vehicle with a dead battery, or suspected dead battery we don’t just jump start the vehicle and send you on your way. Our technicians will always look for the cause. our technicians will Test the car battery Check the cars’s charging system Check for a car fault that may be draining the battery, and ask what sort of use the car gets
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